10 Classic bags that never go out of fashion

How is it that after several years, these bags are still going around like wildfire? what is so special about them and their designers? These are the questions I have asked myself even before deciding to publish this post, but you see, the thing is these bags might look like ordinary fashion items, but they do tell a story, and storytelling in fashion is certainly one of the best things ever.

Lady Dior

Now, this is a bag with a story to tell, the late Princess Diana put this bag on the map for the Dior brand, when she was alive she was seen with the bag on different occasions, I am guessing there must have been something special about the bag, asides the fact that it was a gift from the First Lady of France, the late princess of wales was seen with it on more than two occasions.

Of course, over the years changes have been made to the bag, but overall it is still the same bag princess Diana was in love with.


The Birkin

Rumour has it that this bag was named after a British actress called ”Jane Birkin” who complained to Jean-Louis Dumas about not finding the perfect bag suitable for her needs as a young mother. Jean-Louis Dumas was the Executive Chairman of Hermès at that time. And with his creative mind, he went straight into sketching a bag and dedicated space for baby bottles.

Now, to think of it, I knew something was ”mothery” about this classic bag after seeing it on Instagram a couple of times, and i am not even referring to the fact that every rapper gets the bag for their baby-mamas and wives.


Louis Vuitton Speedy

I am sure everyone grew up seeing an aunt own this bag, either the fake or the original *let’s not throw shades*. But imagine your aunt owning one of these bags and you are here, still wishing to own the bag. That should say a lot about this classic bag. It has been around for years and trust me when I say, it is not going anywhere soon.

it comes in different sizes and I think that is my favourite thing about the bag. The fact that I can opt for mini size, a medium size, and even large size, who doesn’t like options? It first came to life in 1930 as the “Express”. A lot of fashion bloggers have been seen with this bag in different sizes, I might be the next fashion blogger on the block to get one *when my pocket lets me*


Classic Chanel Handbag

Err, do i need to even speak much on this bag? Have we not all thought we had this bag as a child? only to realise the ones we probably had was fake? okay, maybe i should speak for myself, because i am sure my mum lied to me about that bag being the latest then.

The bag was created by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983, this bag comes in different colours and sizes, it is definitely one of those bags that can be worn for any event because of its options.


Longchamp Le Pliage

Means “folding” in French, this definitely makes more sense as to why this bag is more flexible than i am, it has a fold-up design, much like an envelope.

I remember seeing one of these in my house as a child and i see it very much now, the lightweight feature is definitely my favourite thing about this bag. Oh, and also the price, this bag retails way cheaper than the other bags listed in this post. It is not considered a ”luxury bag” but it is definitely a classic one.


Coach Kitt Messenger Crossbody

I cannot count the number of people I have seen in the last decade wearing this bag, and even now I still randomly see people loving up on this bag. This should be renamed the ‘bag of the summer 2021’ because it deserves the name, small size, comfort, and ease of styling it. It is affordable and even sells on amazon, it retails in several colours. My favourite thing about this bag is the different pockets it provides.


Gucci Jackie 1961

Like every other bag with a story behind it, this bag also has a story. After several years of change, the bag still takes the coins of many. This bag remains a contemporary classic with its shape. The bag was originally released in 1958 but was called the ‘Constance’ but in 1964, when former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis was seen after purchasing a few variations of the bag, then Gucci made some changes.


Givenchy Antingona Bag 

This is the most recent bag, it was founded 10 years ago, introduced by Riccardo Tisci, this bag is now iconic and still highly desirable, this bag is loved by many for its unique architectural shape. The hard but yet very soft leather seems to be the perfect mix. And as my friend Nkem would say ”I am investing my money well with this bag” and I don’t doubt her there because this bag is still desired by many after a decade.


Louis Vuitton Horizon 55

I remember my last trip to London, almost everyone in the first-class cabin had one of these, I guess this is how wealth is identified haha and I really understand why. This luggage is one I wouldn’t mind putting all my clothes in for a week trip, even though I would be needing 4 boxes for a week trip. I don’t ever see this classic luggage leaving people’s hands, it is definitely a dreamy company.


The Kelly

Hello Kelly, do you mind selling yourself to me? I don’t know why i just had a full conversation with Kelly, but she is a keeper and i don’t mind having my life with her around.

This bag dates back to the 1930s, Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Émile Hermès, created the women’s bag with straps. Rumour has it that Grace Kelly, a Hollywood star turned Princess of Monaco, was spotted using the bag to hide her early signs of pregnancy. Since then, the bag jumped into international fame and was renamed ‘The Kelly”


10 Classic bags that never go out of fashion


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