8 Spring/Summer fashion accessory trends in 2021

Fashion does make the world go around but trends do the most work for days. Trends can be created, most times they are just recycled from the past. Ans summer might just be the best time to jump on a trend because you have freedom in your style unlike when it’s cold and foggy and you need warmth more than you need fashion.

Disclaimer – Just because this post says “must-haves” doesn’t mean you must have them, I don’t even have them all, so no pressure.

Remember contentment is the key to satisfaction.

Tote bag /Telfa shopping bag. 

If I could get a dollar for every time I have seen the Telfar shopping bag pop up on my explore page, I’d be a millionaire by now. No doubt, it’s an adorable bag so the trend I stan. But asides from the Teflar shopping bag, tote bags have been flourishing really well this summer. 

Colour Tinted shades

There’s something about the colored tinted shades I have seen, they are super dope and they always match the looks I have seen them with, shall this trend proceed to even after summer please, more colours on our eyes. 

Dad sandals 

Channel dad sandals started this one, but now they might not win the battle against other regular dad sandals that people are jumping on now. I am a chunky sneaker girl so you bet I’d love the dad sandals, waiting to get one for myself. 

Beaded or pearl necklace 

This trend sort of came through last year, but this summer it has become more and more rampant that even the price of beads has gone up. How do I know that? I went to the market 2 days ago to try and get some to make one for myself and tell me why it is double the price… even the sellers know the trend has topped. 

Chunky or dad slides 

I have been guilty of this trend since 2020 and I plead for the trend to never go away. My version of this trend is so comfortable, I don’t know about the other version because I don’t own them all, but mine is extremely comfortable and fluffy. 

chunky colourful rings

I am as shocked as you are for finding out people actually like chunky and colourful rings, that is the best way I can describe the rings I am talking about, if you have the best description or name, tell me in the comment. I guess people have gone from loving gold ring to colour rings, wow, and the gold ring trend did last for a long time.  

Mesh gloves

This is so ironic because since it’s summer, we are meant to dress for the heat. But you’d be shocked this fashion trends rejects that. The gloves have been here for a while. But this summer they literally started selling more. 

Chunky heels

Let he who has a leg to break, be the first to try out this trend. It is an extreme trend but I love to see it. And LOWkey I have two chunky heels, that I got from my mum in 2018, they weren’t exactly loud then, but seeing them blow up now is like wow, Here for it all sis, watch the ankle while at it. 

I love writing about trends, but what I even love more is how much writing about trends makes me more aware that they would fade away soon so I don’t have to submit to them, neither should you.

8 Spring/Summer fashion accessory trends in 2021

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