9 Nigerian streetwear brands you should know


If there’s one word to describe the Nigerian fashion industry, it would be “growth/growing”

As a long time admirer of fashion, one thing I have seen in the fashion industry and especially in my country Nigeria is growth. 

The fashion industry has gone from being a lame industry to being a multi-facet industry. 

And I am truly happy with that, I am even happier that it is only starting and there is room for growth in the industry. 

I have always wanted to talk/highlight my favourite Nigerian streetwear brands on and thankfully I get the chance to do so today. 

Some of these brands you might not know and some you might, and I mean that’s the point of this post, you get to learn and meet new brands you did not previously have knowledge about. 


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 I have spoken about this brand so many times that it looks like I’m obsessed with it (maybe I am)

 RRR is owned by someone I know, someone I have seen put so much effort into his vision. So maybe that’s why I am so obsessed with the brand. I have seen the vision and it’s even clearer than any of these other brands I am about to mention because I know the root that this brand came from, and it is one that the world is yet to discover!

My favourite thing about RRR is the deep meaning of the name – REDEMPTION. REBIRTH. RESTORED

I am a woman of faith as you may or may not know and the knowledge I have about the brand name is so deep and personal to me, and I know it resonates with a lot of us because truly we all need to be restored by God.

The designs are very streetwear worthy, and the materials used are top-notch(I have purchased a few) 

The designs are somewhat unique from what I usually see with new start-up brands and I am loving them. 


It is their uniqueness for me. The first time I saw their design I was like ”wow” and I actually said that out loud. It is the depths of their creativity for me.

They refused to settle for the regular and it shows! 

This brand also inspires me to be true to what I like, it might be extremely odd to others, but your tribe would find you and stick with you. 


This brand is very similar to @thirstylaboratory.

For a long time I use to think they were the same brand, and that is because I never paid attention to the details in the designs.

I found @5200.fleece first actually, then I found the other one and thought they were the same.

I love how similar they are to each other, yet so different.

My favourite thing about this brand is the fact that the denim is not exactly ripped. I like ripped jeans to an extent but not excessively ripped and this brand gives me just enough ripped jeans vibes.


This has to be one of the first denim brands I got to know and love, and all through the years, I have seen their designs get even better.

And I love to even see the brand get bigger and bigger, you know those brands that you see from afar and you just start praying for them, yes, this is one of those brands for me.

My favourite thing about the brand is the luxury some of the designs have and also how simple, yet complex their designs come across.

I and luxury are twins, I don’t know if I ever told you guys that, but I love luxury, I mean who doesn’t.



I did not know this brand until ending of 2018 when I attended a fashion show made by them, and although my style is not exactly infused in their designs I very much still love them and would wear some of their designs. And I certainly think they deserve more attention than they get.

During the fashion show, I could see the vision and effort put into making it come to life and I very much appreciated that, and the teamwork they all had was second to none.

My favourite thing about XIIGLOVER is that they are luxury infused in streetwear, and remember what I said about luxury, any type of luxury, I love it!


This brand is so new to me, but the moment I saw one of their shirts I was like ”yes, give me more, I want more”

I don’t know so much about them but I know I love their designs, the perspective writings on their shirt are so beautiful I just want to eat, sleep, dance and dine in their shirts.

When I was in high school and I took my drawing classes, although I never knew how to draw then, I still do not know how to draw lol. But I remember the joy in one of the classes when I finally got the perspective drawing right, felt like I won a grammy award.

My favourite thing about this brand is the name and the perspective writings done on the shirts, to me, i think it gives the brand a very expensive look and it also gives me a nostalgic feeling of when I won my first grammy award in high school.


If you haven’t seen this brand, then I feel so blessed to be bringing them to you. Can you see these sandals, can you see how perfectly they were made for my feet? The sandals are my all-time favourite thing about this brand, I mean we do not have that many brands in Nigeria that make sandals like this, at least non that I have seen or heard of(feel free to tell me if I am wrong in the comment section )

I recently just started gushing on sandals like this for some weird reason because I have always hated sandals, even as a growing child, so it is just so weird to me that I am currently loving them and even thinking of purchasing one.

My other favourite thing about this brand is the colours they use, you can tell that whosoever the creative director is, they actually put a lot of time into thinking of the best colours, and the sandals look so comfortable.


I like that this brand has sets available and you do not have to start thinking of what to wear or how to style it.

As you may or may not know, I recently became a 2 piece girl and I published a post about it.

One of my favourite influencers in Lagos embodies this brand so much and she makes me love the brand more.

One of my favourite things about this brand is that you do not have to think of how to style it, you can wear it as a set and even style it with other pieces. and they offer a wide range of sweat pants, and I am such a sweat pants girl every day, all day long.


My friend questioned my love for this brand, and to be honest it is because I see a part of myself in their designs. sometimes I just want to look super random and laid back, I said sometimes ha, not every time before you go through my pictures and start judging me.

I can see myself styling it in several ways. And I mean what is fashion really if you cannot style it in several ways.

My favourite thing about Habari is the neutral colours they incorporate in their designs and that chocolate brown set is a must-have!

9 Nigerian streetwear brands you should know

Tell me in the comment your top 5 brands from the ones I have listed above and what brand have you recently purchased from?

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