A 21 years old fashion blogger once said

It has been 10 days since my birthday, and I still don’t have a valid reason for not putting up this post earlier. There was a whole adrenaline rush going on there and I didn’t just want to blog. As you may or may not know, I have been working on my new site(this one) since my last site crashed and after I rushed everyone that was involved in the process of helping me get this new site, I still stalled on drowning you guys with content.

Turning 21 felt so unreal, this is the age I thought ‘’finally’’ but if we are being serious, there was nothing ‘’finally’’ about it. if anything I just felt rushed to grow up and suck it all in. Literally, I have no excuse for being a mess anymore.

No one would buy into that excuse again, not even my dad that babied me all my life. I think I mixed the whole ‘21st birthday vibe’ with my 20th birthday.

I am in no way saying I did not enjoy my birthday, I did so much, it was everything and more, spending time with my little circle of friends that were present and being able to take myself for a little get away from home, yup I had fun and I feel blessed.

And you can share in the fun by going over to my Instagram and viewing my birthday highlight, whilst you’re at it, don’t steal only, remember to follow if my page is giving you a certain vibe. 

In my next post, I will tell you reasons why you should not rush to be an adult, as that was my dream during my teenage years. And now I can tell you with my full chest that I am only 16 years of age and not the girl you see in these pictures turning 21, nop, that’s not me.

A 21 years old fashion blogger once said





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