5 Reasons to enjoy your childhood and not rush to be an adult

This title is so cliche, but with all honestly I mean it (or not).

The number one reason why I wish I could slap the younger version of me wishing to finally be an ‘’adult’’ is not far from money matters lol. Like why didn’t anyone say that the pocket money was going to stop ? I find it so inappropriate that no-one told me that the pocket money was going to stop, that came as a big shock to me, that reality took me by the neck. 

My dad, who use to be my money bag in uni, no longer supplies me anymore and now I have to spend the more I make and tax my other family members sometimes.

Number two – you have no excuse again. Are you angry? Are you upset? Are you mad? You better suck it all in because no-one cares as much. You are 100% responsible for how you feel.

Coming from an all girls family, with the sweetest father, every emotion I felt was valid until it was not anymore. I have such a bad habit of letting my emotion take the better part of me, it started from a young age and has since followed me up, I am working on it, sometimes it hurts but I remind myself that ‘gold goes through fire to be gold and even if I am a mess, I am God’s mess!

Number three- time is faster than you think. Brethren when tell you that before I use to wake up at 3pm to start my day and now I dare not do that because i would wake up to clients wanting to schedule a meeting to complain lol. I am in the process of adjusting my sleeping routines far its working good, but it could be better. 

Number four- socialising gets scarier. Well at least for me. When I tell you that I run from human interactions ha! Like having gone through some sad friendship stories, not that much thank God. But the little I have had, I have become so scared of talking to people I don’t know, because I cannot read minds yet and just the thoughts that this person might want to slap me from talking too much or might not even like my Gucci bloom perfume scares me deeply lol.

I mean I think its my problem and not the problem of the people I meet though, it is something I need to work on and I need to stop overthinking everything too much also.

Number five – closer to death. I know, I know I just took this post to a depressing level, but the truth is death is inevitable and the thought of dying with all the talent given to me by Abba scares me more than the thought of dying. I mean even teenager or babies die but adulting takes you closer to old age and er old age is accompanied by what ? 

Hey, I know that I am just starting life like a whole bunch of you reading this and I am in no way saying I am tired.

If anything I want to fly, I want to jump, I want to run and I want to walk  through all these experiences and more to come. Being in your early 20’s is ultimately the best age and time, so they said, this is my first life here on earth so I wouldn’t know.

5 Reasons to enjoy your childhood and not rush to be an adult

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