Ultimate tips before wearing an all white look

The first thing you must know when wearing an all-white look is that you would look absolutely stunning, no matter who you are, the moment you wear all white you go from looking just normal to looking like an actual angel.

I know you have seen my post about an all-black outfit, and if you haven’t then you should go definitely go and READ IT.

The second reason why you should wear an all-white outfit is that if we are all not pure and holy at least we could try and look pure and holy whilst praying we attain it through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I love an all-white look because it makes me feel so good about myself and my mood, it literally elevates my mood in seconds and I know that sounds crazy and mythical but try it out, then come and tell me if I am lying and as always I love the feedback so don’t forget to send a DM to tell me I was not lying *wink wink*

Do you want one last tip before you should wear all-white outfit

Yup, that’s what I thought you want one more reason!

One last thing to know before wearing an all-white outfit is that you should not wear it in the dirt, the same way you should keep your energy from energy destroyers lol, I bet you did not expect that shade but I just had to lol.

On this day, when taking my pictures myself, as I always do. I stained my trouser and sneakers so bad, but you guys would not see the dirt or the damage caused by dirt on my trousers and sneakers. 

The same way no one but yourself can see how their energy affects and messes up with you, the more reason why you should be smart enough to run when you see anything that wants to stain your white.

Thanks for reading through my fashion sermon……X

Ultimate tips before wearing an all white look




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