7 Female black-owned brands taking over the fashion world in 2022

top 10 black owned fashion brands

Never have I ever been this proud to be a black woman, the women in this current life are amazing at what they do, be it fashion, styling, and even business, oh wait can I also state that some of these women are also family builders, that is just amazing I tell you.


I mean what other brand would I start with, even if I do not have a favourite brand, I feel a special connection with Fisayo, who is the founder of this amazing brand kai.

I actually remember Fisayo’s blog, wait I must say that Fisayo was one of my go-to fashion bloggers when I first started my blog in 2017, I would always go to her blog for inspiration, and I still do. With this, you can already guess I have a special connection with this brand. I remember some years ago Fisayo came to Nigeria and held a small get-together, which I could have actually gone for but I had university duties haha.

Not only am I in love with her brain but Fisayo is an outspoken woman, fearless, and a go-getter, you should know this if you follow her on Instagram, she is not afraid to call out anyone she feels is stealing her designs, no matter how big they might be, that is energy!


Oh my love for Congo is crazy I tell you, and I mean it might be because my favorite sister-in-law hails from Congo and I love her haha.

But asides from that Hanifa is a very independent and purpose-driven brand, every design always seems to tell a story and it is still so beautiful. Some years back Hanifa came out with this digital fashion show during covid, oh, and yes she sets standards I tell you.

I still dream about that fashion show, you can tell that her reasoning is not from here but definitely from above.


This woman oh my days, I feel such a special connection with her, I met her for the first time in 2017 or 18 I cannot quite remember the year, but I had attended this fashion seminar and one of the guests’ speakers happened to be Andre Iyamah, there were other amazing brands there but you see Andre Iyama stood out to me.

She was the youngest amongst the speakers but she carried herself so well and hearing her story, she literally just started sewing bikinis in her room, and then with time and consistency, of course, she has been able to build her brand to what it is now, she shared that the road was not easy but she stood the test of time.


Never thought I would look at Ankara and want to wear it so bad, this is the story with ofuure, I do not own a single Ankara, but Ofuure might be my fight one yet.

Growing up I heard about how tailors would spoil the materials and just make some scary things.

But Ofuure needs to tell the world where she gets her tailors from, their hands are blessed truly, or maybe her Hands if she is the one doing the work, however way kudos to this brand.


I only just discovered this brand last year and my question was how did I even just discover this brand and they have been around for years, how?

Tubo designs are spontaneous and I must say they leave you snatched, I don’t think I have seen a design from Tubo that does not leave you looking like a character in a fairytale story, yes Tubo put  Nigeria on the map.


I think that I can smell the women empowerment movement from this brand, it is how the words are not said but I can feel it from the designs, I love how subtle yet beautiful desireeiyama designs are, and oh they make for all sizes and yes to that forever, women come in different sizes.


Can I just say that she has been featured in over 3 popular magazines and I am not saying that is the only reason why this brand is on this list.

I love how this brand is in Lagos, Nigeria but it is also everywhere in the world, erm yes international babe put yourself around the globe!

7 Female black-owned brands taking over the fashion world in 2022

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