Big brother Naija reunion – best 7 worst dressed housemates

My biggest concern about this year’s big brother reunion show is not even the clothes worn but here I am talking about fashion again because I cannot help but notice some gems and worries from what was worn by these housemates. In my writing of this post, I would be sure to leave out all biased opinions, I am not exactly a crazy big brother fan but I do have a favourite person, trust me it’s just one person I like out of the 19 others.

A few disclaimers before I give you all the best and worst looks. I am in no way putting anyone down and everyone is entitled to their style, but this is my webspace and I have decided to share my opinions because I can.

This woman knows how to show up and it shows in her choice of outfits. all her looks were on point and I could not help but stare at her gorgeous face and outfits.
Yolanda Okereke did the job well! Nengi left even the haters love struck with this black, elegant, chic look. she is known for her extraordinary fashion sense and she has been keeping it up from time. I love you Nengi.
Let it be known that sometime in june, the big brother star Nengi made magic with her extraordinary fashion stylist, yolanda Okereke. Not only did Nengi look great on this butterfly-looking dress but she acted like such a beauty by keeping her standards even when shots were fired at her, talking about beauty + brain lol, she won.

With this look, Prince is not only the most admired man in Big brother Naija season 5, but on the streets, he might be rushed. this outfit looked so effortless, almost like he did not put any effort into the outfit but we all know it did take some effort, just a little.
Prince definitely knows black makes him look like James bond but in a Bollywood scenario and he loves it, we love it on him too.

Ever heard that in fashion confidence is the best outfit to put on ? this outfit is nice but Dorathy Bachor definitely made it even better.

Dorathy was literally the only big brother star to put up all three outfits worn to the reunion show and you can tell that she was obviously feeling herself, the way we are all feeling her. Dorathy did own up to her looks with her full chest.

Designed by the popular celebrity stylist, Tiannah’s empire, and I don’t still get why it turned out this way, Laycon’s outfit definitely put me off and I know it wasn’t only me because his fashion stylist had to come out to defend the look. There must be a story to the look maybe.
Guess we have an understanding that Laycon likes fashion done his way and oh, he also like square and rectangle shaped sunglasses.

With this look, Wathoni snatched my wig because she served us, with the red heels, some of the ladies did not come to play at this reunion show and it is showing. Wathoni wow.
Wathoni definitely sees visions because she must have seen from days before that red was her colour to steal the show. And to think she did not need a ‘celebrity stylist’ to pull this off. I guess this shows that it’s not about who styles you, but what is already in you.

Vee only posted one outfit worn at the reunion show but I think it is enough food for us because this outfit fed us well and full. I think this outfit is controversial, you find that a lot of people don’t like it and you find that some people actually like it. left to me, I think some people still don’t know how to leave their biased opinions out of fashion.

Ka3na the boss lady definitely ate the color blue, she made it work for her, I guess that’s why she refers to herself as ‘the boss lady’
And also peep the fact that she is wearing her brand, yes I am here for that boss lady.
No words for the boss lady, she did so well. she made a statement with this simple dress, her body did the talking for her with this outfit.
I hope she does less talking in real life also.

I don’t like this look, the fabric choice for the blazer is sending me to bed early. On second thought he should have bonded well with ka3na though, considering the fact they both have a thing for blue.

I never knew an all-black outfit could ever be unattractive to me, this is the spoiler alert here, it can look unattractive. I just don’t understand the little fringe moment going on.
The blazer oh, it is a no for me and my squad.

I would never understand this outfit, the colour choice, the fabric type. it seemed confusing. are you trying to go for Ankara or?
Make a decision Triky.
Another black that failed me, the black turtle neck top seemed like a last-minute plan for the blazer, we love you Triky for making us laugh but your outfit didn’t make the cut.

I can not explain the joy I feel for not seeing Ozo in shorts, but I also cannot explain how I feel about this outfit.
Hence, my feeling for his outfit is just as confused as Nengi’s feeling towards him in the house.

Yes, this outfit is one of my favourites, the blue velvet blazer just whispered love into my ears and I cannot stop it, love this look cousin Neo.

I wouldn’t wear this dress but I don’t hate it, ever had that feeling towards an outfit? The outfit wanted to scream expensive but the material sent it to bed.
The colour of this outfit on Lilo’s skin is the satisfaction you get from your Netflix movie loading before your food enters your mouth. I personally don’t like the sequin material because it irritates my skin but you cannot help but notice the comfort this dress must have brought to Lilo, she looks comfortable in the dress and if it is comfort before fashion for me, I don’t care.

The top looks like something that should be thrown under a blazer, especially for the type of event that was to be held, but Lucy’s smile is beautiful on the other hand. ill take the smile and not wear the outfit.
I love her smile only.
Did somebody whisper blue and velvet into the ears of these big brother Naija housemates? this is such a daring dress and only very few people can pull it off, but the question is did Lucy pull it off? er, the wig did help in pulling it off and I love her pose.

I am guessing Tolani Baj did not reverse the whole ”bad b***ch” talk with her management because this look does not go in line with that phrase. she looks very professional, yet stunning in this suit set and she doesn’t look like she is ready for a man fight in this suit, maybe a document fight.
I like it, not so much drama going on with the suit and it does look like very minimal effort was put into the look, minimal with a story is winning in fashion girlies.
I love this dress, she looks very comfortable even with the corset trend making an appearance but it seems like the velvet material settled the score and delivered comfort to Tolani Baj regardless, good work T Baj would have sworn I saw you in a Disney movie but er.

I do not like this outfit and I wish it wasn’t an all-black outfit because I am always in love with all-black outfits regardless. I don’t get the net affair going on down there.
Actually, I don’t get the outfit at all. this has to be my least favorite outfit.






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