2 Ways to style a dad t-shirt for spring/summer 2022


This is one of the favourite posts I published on my old blog that crashed at the beginning of this year.

I felt the urge to republish the post because of how much I loved the pictures and still love them. And even if the pictures are 4 years old they are still real gems to me.

This shirt belongs to my dad, and when I grabbed the shirt I had no idea it would look this good on me, in 2017 I was all about DIYS, but ‘2021 Derin’ is a lot busier and too impatient to sit through any form of DIYS.


But in the memory of my DIY days I have republished this post for someone that would need it now.

You do not need top buy a new cloth every time, sometimes you just have to look deeper into what your family members might have and even what you have.



This is me turning my dad’s t-shirt into a tube top and all I did was to wear the shirt without the sleeves and then button it down.

I then brought the sleeves to my waist side and tied a cute bow there, well at least I attempted to tie a bow, I might have failed woefully, but you won’t fail when you try yours out.

It came out really nice, I cannot even lie. The crossed ropes in front are my bra straps, it was a trend back in 2017 to turn your bra straps into criss cross tops.

Would 2021 Derin be wearing her dads shirt this way anytime soon ? yesss, but not with the visible bra straps, I sincerely do not like the bra straps showing in my outfits now.




All I did was to wear my dads shirt with only one sleeve and button it up. I then tied the sleeve left to with the bottom of the shirt to form a knot, so it look like the shirt/top has a drop side to it.

This is my favourite look from the two look is attempted and I would most definitely wear this in 2021.

And overall I paired the shirt with this mom jeans, its been years of having this pictures taken and even wearing the mom jeans, so I do not know where I got it from, but a part of me is telling me I got it from forever21, because that’s where I use to shop in 2015-2018.

Talking about forever21, I have a vlog of the last time I went to former 21 before they shut down, you can watch it on my channel an di would drink I tin this blog post.


2 Ways to style a dad t-shirt for spring/summer 2022

Tell me in the comment section, which look are you most likely to wear ?

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