I have always been a distant admirer of two piece outfits, I just felt it was not for me but I loved seeing it on people, now don’t question me on that lol I still have lots of questions for myself concerning that also.

I remember going to mango with my friend and seeing a lovely two piece, and obviously the drama queen that I am, I was gushing over it. And my friend broke that lovey dove moment for me.

I mean he was aware that I was not a two piece girl so he went ahead to state the obvious(oh boy, like I did not know) and from that instant my love for two piece grew even stronger, I was no longer admiring from afar, I was wearing.

So you bet that when RRR sent me this two pice it felt like they were reading my min dan knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

RRR is a Nigerian streetwear brand owned by my all time fave Tomiwa, now if you have been a long time reader of then there is no way you wouldn’t know tomiwa.

He has done so many clothes for me and I was on a steady stealing his clothes at some point(but I have repented lol) 

This two piece is the piece or pieces of clothing you did not know you needed, well I knew I needed it immediately Tomiwa showed me a rough sketch, I just did not know he would be generous enough to gift the first design from that collection to me, there by making me the first person to have this collection(grateful not proud)

If you don’t have it yet, I am really wondering why and so earnestly praying for you to run to RRR on instagram to cop your own fit.

Notice I said run and not walk because there’s an urgency need for you to shop RRR.

And if you do get yours, send me a DM so we could twin in photos together, love you……..X

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