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Ultimate guide for buying cetaphil cleanser – skincare review

This post is simply me directing you on how to shop for a Cetaphil cleanser so you do not end up like me almost crying after finding out that the 5th time I purchased the same Cetaphil cleanser, it was not the same product as I thought.

Now, I have been using Cetaphil cleanser for some years now I had used different types before settling with this particular one, which I found made my skin feel like a baby’s butt. The problem started when I ordered a Cetaphil cleanser and I opened it up in excitement, even though I didn’t need to wash my face yet, I was just excited because I had just stopped using a horrible cleanser that made me break out because it had glycerin in it.

My skin reacts to glycerin and fragrance these two ingredients which were present in this new Cetaphil product I got. I was confused because I had previously used it and it wasn’t this texture/color neither was it this soapy and it certainly did not smell this strong.

I later assumed that I was sold the fake one, until I did thorough research and then found out that it was not fake, it was just another type. I didn’t know they were different types, I mean I had used the foamy cleanser previously but it had a different bottle so it was clear when shopping for the one I wanted, but this one has the exact bottle. I read further and realized one was called ”gentle skin cleanser” and the other ”daily facial cleanser”

The Daily Facial Cleanser

This is the one I currently have and the one I mistakenly bought while attempting to buy the other. This product has glycerin present which makes sense because it is for ”oily skin” and glycerin has been said to be a good ingredient to battle oily skin, but not my oily skin, glycerin irritates my skin not to mention this product also has fragrance, which I do not support any skin type to use. I was very disappointed that I did not know these differences between purchasing my next Cetaphil cleanser. It sincerely made me sad so I decided that one person made the mistake so thousands wouldn’t have to. I personally do not recommend this particular product especially if we have similar skin type. My skin is sensitive but not overly sensitive, it is oily but not so oily. But when i use this cleanser it dries out my skin completely and i can literally sense that it has been stripped off every single form of oil or anything present, which might not necessarily be the real purpose of cleansing your skin. This must be as a result of glycerin, fragrance and alcohol present in this cleanser.

The Gentle Cleanser

Using this cleanser at first for me was a love and hate situation I hated how the texture was and how much it felt like cream and not a cleanser but I loved how soft it made my skin feel and look it made my other skincare product glide on so well. I later fell in love with it as you guys can tell, as I have already purchased this product 3 times and my fourth attempt was what led me to write this guide.

The gentle cleanser is as it says, for sensitive skin, it helps retain moisture, does not stip off the oil on the skin like the other one, and has no fragrance and it is soap-free. This product is what I call small but mighty, it is inexpensive and efficient. you might be a little uncomfortable using it at first because it has no soap and feels just like a cream but then you get used to it once you know how to use it. I suggest you apply it to a dry/damp face and massage for 60 seconds rather than a wet face.

I would advise that when you are getting a Cetaphil cleanser you look at the bottle you’re getting thoroughly and you research what ingredients it entails and be sure that your skin needs the ingredients present in the bottle. I didn’t put any thought to it when I ordered mine because I never knew or guessed that there would be two entirely different products in the same bottle. in good faith, I would say I have learnt my lesson now I can school you guys on how to go about shopping for Cetaphil facial cleanser.

My preference as regards which product I like is strictly based on my skin type, please confirm what your skin type might be and what your skin hates and loves, do not just think because it doesn’t work for me that it also wouldn’t work for you. Just as our personalities differ so do our skin types.
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