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Favourite things from June-2021

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You guys, I have been struggling, I really have. How do you guys keep up with anything in life? I sincerely need help to be more consistent on my platforms, like I just feel the sudden urge to vanish sometimes and most times, it is just me being lazy.

But this blog post is not about my struggles but actually about my last month’s favourite things. This blog post type was really popular on my blog in 2017, I actually enjoyed writing about it because it is just a series of things I am loving in my life right now.


In lifestyle favourite, I really have been loving prayers. Currently, we are having a school of prayer in my church, where we are actually taught the purpose of praying and how to pray and to be honest my prayer life has experienced a blow off the roof and I am more purposeful in prayer with my priorities set right. You should try learning about prayer and give it a try.


I have been in love with pearls in fashion accessories, the necklaces made from pearls and rings are my current favourite accessories, and I promise you that it is not because I am a pro at making them.

From my last sentence you can tell that I have been making beads and to be honest it was a hobby I missed dearly. I was taught how to make beads in primary school and I was obsessed with it while I was in primary, that obsession left when I entered what I thought was the real world then, high school. But, I have found a hobby in bead making again and I have made a lot of accessories.

Kiehls night oil 

In skincare, this oil is my all-time favourite skincare product, the obvious morning shine and softness when you wake up is beautiful, I can actually see a visible difference in my skin when I use it the night before and I love the texture and the smell that is almost non-existent.


In fashion pieces, I have been loving gloves so bad, this trend came out in 2019 but I did not get the vibe, still partially don’t but the current ones I have been seeing are like my faves and I have been trying to get my sewing machine to make one but guess who is not good at sewing anything ‘yet’? Me. Fingers crossed I learn before the end of 2021.

Oversized blazer 

In fashion favourite, you guys are probably tired of me liking trends when they finally die. An oversized blazer is like a best friend contract the doesn’t end when you guys stop being kids, it is so dreamy and very dear to my heart and I cannot wait to get my hand on one in every colour possibel.


To be honest, this is a tough one because I listen to the same thing repeatedly, but this album by Montell fish has been on repeat for almost a year now and this song by maverick city and this song by Brandon lake. Just to mention a few so this blog post doesn’t look like a music playlist from me lol, I love a good song with a message. 


My favourite social media platform at the moment, this underrated platform that is the backbone of every ‘aesthetic queen’ on Instagram. I cannot get over the gem that Pinterest provides me, would probably be my favourite next month again.

Now that I have shared my favourite things with you guys. Tell me in the comment, what is one thing you have been in love with since last month?

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