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How to solve your skincare problem with netrogena


I know this post me writing this post might be funny, considering the fact that over a year ago on my previous blog, I was a natural skincare advocate.

Now before you say anything, read a little further, okay?

I use to make my skincare products over a year ago because I had come to the realization that labeled skincare products irritated my skin, and no dermatologist told me that, I just made that up after some experiences, you won’t judge me.

But that changed about a year ago, when I tell you my skin was acting up, you better believe me. I would insert pictures here, but I do not have most of the pictures, I could not even look at myself in the mirror, not to talk of taking pictures.

I did use the popular turmeric mask that I use to make and sell and yes, it worked. My skin was back to normal in no time. You can watch this video where I talk about my skin journey and also teach you guys how to make the mask.

The thing is even though the numeric mask worked, it started overworking, I mean it is only normal for it to act that way because I made it and I probably put too much of something or too little of something that made it react that way.

So, I had to start a journey of finding the perfect solution to my dark spots, caused by sunburn my dehydrated skin.

Hydro boost Neutrogena sunscreen

I found this hydro-boost Neutrogena sunscreen, after reading several articles and I ran and ordered me some in 2019, I have been using it for 2 years, almost consistently and I must say, it helped me so much. And I just want to say this might be the treatment for your sunburnt face if you use it consistently.

Hydro boost gel moisturizer

I am an oily skin girl, but the thing is I am not always oily, sometimes I am ‘normal skin’ but I still hold on to the fact that I am mostly oily. I made a decision to stop moisturizing my skin and to be honest that was the worst decision because my face needed hydration, even though it was oily. Long story short, on my trip to London this year, I found this gel moisturizer, and believe when I say the first time I put it on I was amazed. No wonder everyone on Instagram is talking about this gel moisturizer, I felt like I was putting water on my face, water that was so clean and smooth. I recently ran out of it but I would be purchasing it again very soon, but for now, I am using my simple gel moisturizer, which almost gives me that same feeling.

Hydro boost facial cleanser

The hydro-boost facial cleanser is bae, it is not too soapy, it has just the right amount of consistency and it cleans. Although I must say if you are allergic to glycerin, or if you hate that recipe, stay away from this cleanser because it does have glycerin in it. personally, I am not crazy about glycerin because I always felt it was too oily for me, seeing that I am already ‘oily’ on most parts of my face, but I mean, that is why it is a hydrating cleanser so that is what it is meant to do. This cleanser also has fragrance, which I have found can irritate my skin when used over time. With all being said, this is my current cleanser use, and I am enjoying the texture on my skin, for now.

How to solve your skincare problem with netrogena

These are my current favorites and I am glad I could put you on to them, for further questions about these products, leave a comment or send me a dm on Instagram.

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