6 Fashion tips for girls with big breasts

Hello to my big big girls, I can’t believe I am finally admitting that I have a big chest. I do, I really do and when I am not hiding it all under my cloth, I am looking for ways to look flattering in it with everything I decide to wear. 

I am slowly walking towards confidence with my breasts, they are one of my insecurities.

The reason being, they love so much attention and I genuinely do not enjoy being stayed at because of my breasts, look at my fine face dear, and leave the twins out of it. 

Anyways this post is not about my insecurities, I thought to share 6 Fashion tips for girls with big breast like myself. 

These are things I discovered along the line and I hope they help. 

Who would you have giving you these tips, if not a fellow “cup overfloweth female friend like myself

Invest in a good bra

A good bra for busty girls is crazy expensive I remember entering a store on Oxford street and picking up a bra that was 80 pounds, this was 2019 and thought someone was playing games with me, i dropped it faster than I picked it up and that was because I didn’t know the importance of investing in a ‘good bra’ wish I could run back and pick that bra up again.

I had searched some stores and found some bras but something was always off, either the arm wire was too thin or the under boob wire was irritating me. But that bra was the perfect fit, it had a thick strap and the wire was almost nonexistent and it still did the job of carrying the twins up. 

I did purchase a good bra that same day, but I was sized wrongly so the bra was up to no good after a while, or maybe my breast grew bigger, we would never know what went wrong there

I recently purchased an amazing bra from this brand literally 2 days ago and I am loving on the bra so much I don’t even want to wear it because I am so in love haha

Remove your bra pads

There is absolutely no need to wear a padded bra when you already have all the pads in your breast tissue, well I for one never wear anything with pads in it, I avoid wearing bras with pads in them, except the pad in it is super flat and almost not noticeable, as a matter of fact, I love myself a very minimum but high-intensity bralette as they are easy to wear and I don’t feel like someone is pushing me to every wall I pass by.

Always opt for less wire

Two days ago I bought a bra from La Vie en Rose and I was strictly on the lookout for a bra without so much load on it, little to no wire, maybe under boob wire, but certainly not wire in between my breast or on my back.

Image by La Vie en Rose

Thin straps should never be seen on you

As a girl with big breasts, your breast are probably heavy and require a lot of carriages, going for a bra with thin straps is like putting an elephant on a dog, one would have to give way for the other, either the dog dies, or the elephant breaks its back, same as you girl, you do not want scars on your shoulders and you most definitely do not want your back to hurt, do you? I find that when you wear an uncomfortable bra it actually affects your whole look as you are uncomfortable and unable to function properly.

Always balance the lower part of your body

A Johnny bravo look is not flattering to me at all, so you would never catch me wearing skinny jeans. I would always opt for baggy jeans or a flowy skirt to balance the width of my upper body, this is just my style preference, wait let me rephrase if you catch me wearing skinny jeans, just know I had nothing to wear.

Carry with Confidence

I struggle with this a lot but I can say the absence of it makes everything else look so random and bleh, no matter how insecure you feel, carry with confidence always, confidence wins every time

Hey Girl, you are perfect just the way you are, embrace your uniqueness <3

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