if you were to ask people around me 3 years ago what they thought my favourite colour was, they definitely would say black because that was all I was wearing in uni at a point.

I mean it is no news that the colour black is an outstanding colour that does not have to prove itself worthy of respect, the same way black people don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

This outfit makes it look like I spent 0 seconds putting my outfit together and I mean that is not far from the truth.

Before the whole colour blocking thing came out , I am sure people were as obsessed with black as I was then.

Everything  and everyone looks good in black and I mean everythinggg and everyoneeee.

Thank you for reading through….X

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Hi, my name is Derin and I enjoy wearing clothes when everyone is sleeping, I also enjoy talking about fashion and where the industry stands in my heart.
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